Do you offer a free trial?

Answer: Yes we offer a 24 hour trial. Please select the Request A Trial tab on the main menu.

Compatible devices for XStreamCodes

Amazon firesticks & Amazon Firebox, android smart phones,Windows PC, IOS devices such as Iphones and IPads.

What is the minimum download speed required?

30 Mbps will work, but 100 Mbps is the recommended download speed for the best results.  Our platform provides high quality 1080 HD streams.

Does XStreamCodes IPTV work anywhere in the world?

XStreamCodes IPTV can work anywhere in the world with an active internet connection. Please note that internet speeds vary from country to country. Also, for handheld devices cell carrier data connections can impact your viewing experience.

How can I renew my subscription?

Your subscription is set to auto-renew once you order. You can also manage the subscription within your account.

How to get support if I experience errors?

If you are experiencing errors please contact our technical support teams using our live chat feature on the front page of our website in the bottom right hand corner.

How can i add more devices to my plan?

You can add more device to you subscription plan at anytime. Contact us via live chat in order to add more devices to your account.

What channels are included with my subscription

You can see a complete list of our supported channels by visiting our channel listing.

Note: channel lineup is subject to change at anytime. We do our best to provide the best and most reliable streams.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and debit cards for monthly subscriptions via Paypal and Stripe secure payment gateways

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership from your subscription account platform or by Simply contacting our customer service team and requesting that your service be cancelled.

How do I download the XStreamCodes IPTV APK and applications after purchase?

Once you subscribe to XStreamCodes IPTV you will be guided to the MY ACCOUNT section where you can download our APK’s, view instructional videos, and manage your account.

Can I use a VPN?

No VPN, it is not necessary for using XStreamCodes IPTV. A VPN can cause issues with playback of our IPTV applications.

What to do if I experience buffering?

Buffering will occur for many reasons.  Please contact our technical support teams via Live Chat or Email us at customer service for assistance and direction. 90 percent of the times its caused by internet related issues. Restart of your cable modem and streaming device is recommended every 15-30 days.

Here are some quick fixes:

  • If you are using a Set Top Box plug directly into Ethernet connection
  • Turn off any VPN
  • Try the refresh channels feature
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection:
  • Wi-Fi speed of 5G recommend
  • Check Your Hardware
  • 3GB RAM or better is recommended
  • 32 GB ROM is recommended
  • Reinstalling
  • Uninstall App
  • Clear Device Cache
  • Power cycle device (turn off, wait 3 minutes, and turn back on)
  • Reinstall App